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Secure Forests CIC designs and leads holistic forest security programs that combine data-driven enforcement, with invested communities and action against the illegal trades.






We believe that every forest should be protected for the future of our planet, working with local communities, our technology and systems can ensure this happens.


Net-growth in secured natural forest cover by 2050​


  • Respect for the natural world

  • Respect for local indigenous peoples rights and their values

  • Appreciate the importance of clear communications and collaboration across multiple disciplines

  • Value and recognise the skills, knowledge and experience of the Armed Forces Veterans community

What We Do.

We bring together the latest space technology, terrestrial sensors and ranger training to provide enhanced domain awareness and early warning, in order to protect forests and wildlife.

Now is the time to double down on forest protection.

World Resources Institute




Protecting the world’s most endangered habitats


Satellite Monitoring

Satellite Monitoring

Satellites are able to monitor changes in forest landscapes by combining a large swath, frequent revisit and systematic acquisition of high spatial resolution data.  

Terrestrial Sensors


We install a range of terrestrial sensors that compliment our satellite monitoring in order to detect disturbance and maintain rangers' domain awareness; thus allowing safe decision making and appropriate responses.

Forest Ranger Training

Forest Ranger Training

Training and implementation of enhanced situational awareness capabilities using advanced Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP's).

Prevention and Deterrence of Wildlife Crime

Prevention and Deterrence of Wildlife Crime

Our local partners and law enforcement agencies are then equipped with the tools and techniques to prevent and deter wildlife crime.

Forest Protection Services

Forest Protection Services

Our forest protection services help reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation which, when combined with sustainable management of forests, is an essential part of the global effort to mitigate climate change. 

Alternative and Sustainable Livelihoods

Alternative and Sustainable Livelihoods

We work closely with local partners to support communities to develop alternative and sustainable livelihoods, away from illegal forestry trades. 

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Current Projects.

Click on the location pins on the map to find out more about each of our current projects.

Current Projects

Our Partners and Supporters.

Secure Forests CIC* are a non-profit organisation who work with established partners to help protect and restore forests. We do this by by enhancing and improving monitoring systems that safeguard Forest Rangers and enhance their capabilities to make informed decisions. 

* Community Interest Company

Here are our principal partners and supporters:

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