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We are looking for a range of volunteers to help our team!


We are keen to hear from fundraisers, military veterans and ex-law enforcement officers.

Please get in touch to find out more information.

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Act as if your house was on fire, because it is.

Greta Thunberg


We are operational and active in Central America and we are expanding into South American Rainforest Projects.

Private Reserves

Central America, Belize

We are working with a private reserve team, helping to protect the reserve which is landlocked and under threat from agricultural encroachment. The reserve is home to many rare and beautiful bird species and animals, currently Landlocked and trapped by developing agriculture land in the vicinity.

National Park, Belize

Central America, Belize

We are developing projects for NGO's dedicated to the protection of National Forest assets. These NGO's are in the frontline of conservation and are protecting assets against the threat of wildlife poaching and illegal forestry, as well as illegal encroachments from cattle ranchers and farmers. A tracking dog and training has been deployed and is now operational, working to safeguard rangers and assist in detecting wildlife crime. The dog was donated by a charity partner Animals Saving Animals who sent a team out to train the new handlers. The Big Cat Sanctuary team kindly donated funds to build "Sara" the tracking dog's new home.


Help the team make a difference and protect vital habitat around the globe.

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