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Training and Development, UK:
Land Management and Wildlife Conservation Training Hub

Secure Forests CIC Ltd is a non-profit organisation dedicated to key conservation objectives. We are trainers and consultants, who are ex-military  veterans and also conservation scientists, who are dedicated to protecting our natural environment using the practical skills and knowledge as a “Force for Good”.

For this purpose, we need highly trained and skilled self-reliant veterans, who we can offer a unique opportunity, which could lead to an exceptionally rewarding career in Land Management and Global Conservation.

Image by Lingchor

It is our aim to establish a training centre at Mount Edgcumbe
Country Park as the hub for our work and to train and produce
qualified and skilled veterans prepared to enter this future and
globally significant workplace.

This will allow selected veterans to access professional vocational
outdoor training. Secure Forests CIC Ltd will manage and arrange
voluntary work experience opportunities and with this experience and course qualifications could lead to a full and rewarding career in Land and Wildlife Management.

Finally, Secure Forests CIC Ltd, are dedicated to the conservation and protection of Global Rainforests. This work will require veterans and
scientists to work with local communities in the protection and preservation of these habitats.


Secure Forests will require suitable
trained and competent veterans to travel to these communities to train, Rangers and Protected area managers, in all the key skills listed
in this program. These skills along with their unique military knowledge will help them develop an extremely worthwhile and rewarding career path for suitable veterans as a “Force for Good”.

If you would like to help support the vital work that Secure Forests is conducting around the world, please click the link below to donate.

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