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Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Scotland:
Estate Rewilding

The team have recently returned from an incredible visit to the stunning and visionary project at the Alladale Wilderness Reserve Scotland. 

The reserve which consists of 20,000 acres of a stunning Glens, Valleys and Rivers and some of the most Northerly surviving Scottish Caledonian Pines.

The estate custodian Paul Lister and founder of the European Nature Trust, has great plans for the estate to re-wild and return this beautiful landscape back to its true nature by replanting native and pioneer tree species to restore enough seed-bank in this landscape to become a self-sustaining natural forest habitat.

Image by Asa Rodger

They are planting species close to the rivers to improve this riparian habitat and improve river quality for the spawning of the native Scottish Salmon. They are also providing protection for the existing 1 million trees currently planted with over 30 kilometres of deer fencing.

The Secure Forests project will be in support of the estate management and the ecological monitoring team. We will be providing the latest data synthesization platforms, ground sensing and monitoring tools and training for these systems to provide real time data feeds to monitor this vast estate. This data will include the ability to track and monitor the deer population and also in the near future the ability to track and monitor the re-introduction of the Scottish wildcat. It is planned to introduce the latest technologies to the team to trial and develop usable and simple methods to monitor a range of estate and ecological problems. 

We also have the capability to monitor using our satellite systems soil and ground conditions which can identify key areas for the successful planting of tree species. These systems are evolving all the time and we are also developing with partners other key functions in order to cope with future threats from climate changes on our landscapes. 

If you would like to help support the vital work that Secure Forests is conducting around the world, please click the link below to donate.

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