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Wild is Life Elephant Sanctuary, Zimbabwe:
Elephant Rewilding

Wild is Life leases and manages two large forest areas in the KAZA TFCA region of Zimbabwe. The forests are indigenous forests that are protected areas under the Forest Act of Zimbabwe, and managed together with the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe.

 The forests are home to a wide variety of wildlife species including a growing population of elephants as well as healthy predator population and various other species, including endangered species. The forests also serve as vital corridors and dispersal areas. 

Image by Tatenda Mapigoti
Image by Photos By Beks

Wild is Life has established and runs a successful Elephant Re-Wilding Project, whereby orphan elephant calves that have been rehabilitated at Wild is Life Sanctuary near to Harare and translocated to Panda Masuie Forest to be re-wilded and eventually released back to the wild.


This is the first and only such project in Zimbabwe, and one of few in the world. Wild is Life wishes to integrate its current technology systems as well as to expand into new technologies and systems for the ultimate protection of the forests and wildlife that inhabit them.

Secure Forests has developed a suite of technologies designed for the protection of forests and this is in line with the goals of both Wild is Life and the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe. 

If you would like to help support the vital work that Secure Forests is conducting around the world, please click the link below to donate.

Image by Arpit Rastogi
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