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Volunteer GIS Analyst Joins the Secure Forests Team

Great news this week, we have a new team member joining the Secure Forests.

Kate Booth contacted the team before in December 2020, to introduce herself and to volunteer her talents and knowledge to help support our work.

Heres a quick introduction to Kate and her very impressive career to date:

Kate Booth – GIS Analyst and PhD student

"I started my journey in GIS during my undergraduate degree in BSc (Hons) Ocean Exploration at the University of Plymouth, here I gained in depth knowledge of ocean surveying and how this was used to create navigational charts and monitor the worlds oceans. I also discovered the world of Remote Sensing and utilised this skill to monitor rift propagation through the Antarctic ice shelves. I realised my enjoyment for remote sensing and GIS and decided to pursue a Masters in Geographical Information Science at the University of Manchester. Once completing this degree, I landed a flood modelling job, digitising and simulating flood situations across the UK.

I am miss research and development work, hence I am excited to be a part of the research involved in Secure Forests and help battle the illegal deforestation that is destroying our planet and wildlife. I am starting my PhD which also focuses on the illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Research and scientific exploration is in my DNA and I’m thrilled to be making a start on this exciting journey both with my PhD and Secure Forests; I look forward to working with you all and making important scientific discoveries."

We are so excited to welcome Kate to the team and feel that she will make an enormous difference to the team, bringing great energy and dimensions to our work! Thank you Kate, I will be sharing your blog page, which she has built a huge global following!

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