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Secure Forests CIC attending the 2023 - Royal Geographical Society with IBG Explore conference 2023

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Representatives of the Secure Forests team will be attending the RGS Explore Symposium 2023 in London at the Royal Geographic Society next weekend.

The RGS has special meaning for Secure Forests as it was where Richard Pyshorn and Chris Minty, both fellows of the society, launched the organisation back in 2018 and it is where we have held meetings and events whilst in London since then. So please come along and meet the team and learn more about what Secure Forests are doing to help save the worlds endangered forests.

The symposium itself is the place to be inspired by an extraordinary gathering of conservationists, expedition professionals, visionary scientists and intrepid travellers - all willing to share invaluable knowledge gained from their own experiences. You can discover the secrets to successful geographical fieldwork, master the art of conservation, and uncover how to plan journeys with purpose. The weekend's workshops cover essential field research skills, how to thrive while on an expedition, and the use of writing, photography, video, and sound to communicate your discoveries and experiences. Speakers and workshop leaders will share tales from their recent expeditions, while exhibiters and Society staff will be available to provide personalised advice and guidance on your own future field projects and expeditions. Further details from:

for more information contact the team at:

See you at Explore 2023! #RGSIBG

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