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Secure Forests CIC Get UK Trademark

For the last few months the Secure Forests team have been working with the support of the Aerospace Cornwall project and Akers solicitors to secure a UK trademark for our brand, work and projects.

With the support of the Aerospace Cornwall research, development and innovation fund, that enables businesses to take their ideas and turn them into a viable product ready for market in the space and aerospace sectors.

This support has allowed us to put together an application through the Cornish based Akers solicitors, who are specialists in trademarking. To the UK Intellectual Property Office, for registration of a trademark.

This step forward for Secure Forests CIC is such a significant development to achieve and to protect our work, safeguard the future of our products here in the UK.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Aerospace Cornwall team and Akers Solicitors (N.J. Akers Truro) for their excellent support and belief in us in supporting this application process!

This will really help us develop a strong identity and brand and will enable us to grow our products and services. Most importantly it will enable us to have the reassurance our pioneering work in Landscape and Forest protection is safeguarded. It's our aim now, to build on this and concentrate all our efforts into project delivery. The next steps is our Land Management and Wildlife Conservation courses for veterans and former blue light services. Which will benefit the South West local veterans and community at our home base at Mount Edgcumbe country park and the Rame peninsula. This next phase is going to be an exciting one for us and the initial 12 candidates, which will help with a new and exciting career!

"National Security to Natural Security"

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