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Rangers discover evidence of one of Americas most reclusive, resilient and beautiful cats!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Ocelot Feeding Central America

The Pooks Hill team this week have updated Secure Forests on some really exciting news within this protected reserve.

The team who conduct daily patrols to safeguard and protect the reserve, have informed us that they have discovered evidence of the very reclusive and beautiful Central American Ocelot.

This species of cat found in North America all the way to Southern Brazil are one of the most resilient and successful of the Cat species.

Studies have found much higher densities in wildlife corridors, which are used by the cats to move between forest fragments. In disturbed landscapes they were much more likely to use riparian corridors, relying on the shrubs and trees alongside rivers for protective cover. The Pooks Hill reserve provides exactly that, it sits at the tip of what is known as the Tapir mountain reserve and has a river that provides ideal mobility corridors for the cats.

The image taken on the Rangers Patrol Data app supplied by the Secure Forest Team shows a fresh paw print of this beautiful animal. As a follow up the Rangers intend to install some trail cameras to hopefully capture this beautiful creature.

The Rangers are protecting an area which is rich with rare and beautiful birds, animals and insects. The reserve is known for some of Belizes rarest bird species and recently Mario and Mike two of the Rangers spotted the very rare Harpy Eagle and the Spectaled Owl seen below.


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