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Grade 1 Listed Landscape starts trial with Secure Forests technology

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Secure Forests CIC post

2 Sept 2020-

Secure Forests CIC set up the first acoustic sensor for Mount Edgecumbe Country Park (MECP) in Cornwall. As we have done successfully at Pooks Hill Nature Reserve in Belize, this sensor will become part of a Domain Awareness System (DAS) for MECP that integrates terrestrial and space sensors to provide an unprecedented opportunity for early warning in their respective battles against forest loss. Learnings from our Belize and MECP systems will feed into our development and rollout of DAS and ranger training across the world.

Lawrence Whittaker from our partner organisation Rainforest Connection and Joe Humphrey, a former Royal Marines Mountain Leader, carried out the installation, supported and observed by Tamar XXX, the lead ranger at MECP. The “Guardian” sensor, developed by RFCX, is capable of detecting and immediately reporting acoustic events such as chainsaws, vehicles and gunshots within one square mile.

Secure Forests CIC are part of the Armed forces Covenant and as such are actively utilising the skills and talents of UK and Commonwealth Armed Forces Veterans.

Joe Humphreys a former Royal Marines Commando. He served in Afghanistan with 42 Commando RM before being medically discharged. Since leaving the military, he has gone on to be an athlete, elite health and fitness coach and outdoors instructor. A keen surfer, diver and adventurer. He joins the team as a consultant with his extensive skill and knowledge of rope access work. Joe a single amputee never lets his injury stop him in his ambitions and aims, and is driven and motivated to help save the planet from the global issues of global deforestation!

Thanks to all the team including #flyingcameras, who filmed the event and are producing a short clip. Thanks also to Nicolla from the Friends of Mount Edgecumbe and your interest in our project.

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