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Dreams can come true!

The day has arrived and are dreams have come true! Secure Forests CIC Team are so pleased and excited to announce that we are now delivering our Land Management and Wildlife Conservation Course. (LMWCC)

The training programme will support veterans in forging new careers after their time in the military has finished, which could see them working on country estates in the UK or take them to environmentally endangered landscapes around the world. The course will tap into and repurpose their frontline experiences and existing technical skills such as satellite surveillance, while equipping them with skills and qualifications in land management and conservation.

The course is being funded with a grant from the Oak Foundation, https://oakfndorg/ an organisation that addresses issues of global, social and environmental concern by supporting others to make the world a safer, fairer and sustainable place to live. The Foundation previously supported the research and development phase for setting up Secure Forests, which included the trial of a satellite monitoring system in the jungle regions of Belize. The Domain Awareness System supplied real time data to local rangers to combat illegal logging and poaching – through the use of livestreaming acoustic sensors, chainsaws, vehicles, gunshots and falling trees could be heard 5,000 miles away in Cornwall.

Offering vocational qualifications up to level 3, the practical work experience element of the course will be gained at Mount Edgcumbe where in 2020, Secure Forests installed acoustic sensors to monitor any illegal deer poaching. Trainees will also support the work of the country park’s rangers in areas such as deer and forest management, fencing, stonewalling and repairs.

The pilot program was started in June and we are looking to interview candidates for the scheduled September course which will take 7 weeks to complete. We will be also looking to interview candidates for 2 more courses in 2024.

Secure Forests is dedicated to the conservation and protection of rainforests and wildlife habitats around the world. As such, the Land and Wildlife Management course could also be a stepping stone for veterans to be part of the company’s own team of consultants, using their unique military knowledge to travel to remote communities to provide advice, support and training.

The program covers a range of accredited forest and land management skills, which will equip candidates with qualifications that are attractive to employers and also can be utilised for candidates wanting to establish their own business. The course will also teach candidates about the latest technologies that are available in wildlife conservation.

Richard from Secure Forests, states that "veterans and the blue light services have great resilience and qualities, that can be readily applied into the Land and Forest Management sectors. These and other experiences from their careers can also be utilised in our global conservation in training Rangers to protect rainforests.

For details of the course see attached please contact the team:

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