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Kind words of support for our campaign to protect global habitats.

We appreciate your support!

Secure Forests CIC Team

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Having worked with Chris Minty MBE and the Secure Forests team whilst on exercise in the jungles of Belize over many years, I know how dedicated they are to the conservation of tropical forests. As a Special Forces soldier I have worked extensively in some of the most extreme environments in the world and I have come to appreciate how important tropical forests are to endangered wildlife. The professionalism, dedication and passion that the Secure Forests team demonstrate is making areal difference to these important habitats and I fully endorse their work.

Billy Billingham MBE Former WO1 22 SAS

I have worked with Chris Minty on many conservation projects over the last 20 years, starting with his role in protecting the Chiquibul Forest in Belize - for which he was justly awarded the MBE. The team at Secure Forests CIC are at the cutting edge of forest protection, doing incredibly important work saving that critical resource from illegal logging and other threats.  The skills, knowledge and experience brought to bear by serving and former members of the British military offers a uniquely effective capability for this type of work.



Royal Geographical Society award-winning leader of Joint Services Scientific Expeditions

Lt Col Alastair Rogers RM

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