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Test Case: Belize

Funded by the Oak Foundation, our pilot project on a private reserve in Belize is succeeding in proving the technological component of our concept. In January 2020, Secure Forests and our partners Rainforest Connect, installed four acoustic sensors up to 100ft high in the canopy. The sensors have since sent regular alerts of chainsaws, chopping and suspicious vehicle movement across the reserve’s 300 hectares.


Reserve wardens are already seeing patterns and trends that are shaping their enforcement operations, with the Ecometrica platform providing EO data on changes in canopy coverage, as well as a visualization of all sensor data on a monitor in the Operations Room. 

Despite the current pandemic, Secure Forests is working remotely with the wardens to refine their strategy, operations and tactics to take advantage of their greatly enhanced domain awareness. The next step will be to deploy the SMART Ranger app on warden’s cell phones, so that their patrol reports can be uploaded instantly to the Ecometrica platform.

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