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Land Management and Wildlife Conservation Courses

We think Globally as well as acting locally, take veterans and  blue light services from,

"National Security
Natural Security"


We are based at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, in Cornwall United Kingdom, which is the hub for our work.

Our Aim is to train and qualify skilled and motivated veterans and former blue light services.  Prepared to enter the Land Management and Wildlife Conservation sector,

which is a local and globally significant workplace.

Please get in touch to find out more information.


Mount Edgcumbe Country Park the Home of Secure Forests CIC Training Centre 



The program takes selected veterans and blue light services, to access professional vocational training and career opportunities.

The course provides core practical skills and accredited qualifications in Land Management.

Here are just a few of the skills we are delivering:

Chainsaw CS30  Level 2

Mount Edgcumbe Country park, UK.

Cutting Woods

Working with Duchy College we provide an accredited Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting Course.

An Example of Hedge Laying as a Woodland Boundary..jpg

Mount Edgcumbe Country park - Grade 1 Listed Landscape

Rural crafts and skills are key to preservation and wise use of our Landscapes. We will be utilising local craftsman to provide their knowledge and skills to pass onto our learners. The tasks carried out will contribute directly to conservation of local landscapes.

Ryan Installing Guardian Sensor.HEIC

Mount Edgcumbe Country park & Global

A key element of the programme is the introduction to the latest technologies available, to monitor habitats and wildlife remotely. The technologies will include an introduction to Satellite and Terrestrial sensors, including acoustics, seismic technologies. The course will also introduce the technology and utility of drones, in a Land management and Wildlife Conservation context.

Safety and Risk Management

Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, UK.

We are delivering a Safety and Risk Management package which will allow learners to safely plan and Risk assess Land management tasks and activities.

Emergency First Aid and Forestry First Aid Course EFAW +(F)

Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, UK.

Outdoor Emergency First Aid Training

An accredited Level 3 Emergency First Aid course, designed specifically with Land Management in mind. This course will contain all the Basic Life support skills, plus with the additional Forest First Aid program. 

Wildlife Management

Red Deer Stags Resting Scotland.heic

Mount Edgcumbe Country park & South West UK Estates

We are delivering an introductory course on Wildlife Management.  During the program we will look at future management practices and impact assessments for wildlife and how they integrate into future conservation projects.  Also the threats posed by Introduced Non-Native Species (INNS) 


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