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Our Mission:

We believe that every forest should be protected for the future of our planet, working with local communities, our technology and systems can ensure this happens.

Secure Forests Now

We are about to launch the start dates for our Veterans and Blue Light services Land Management Courses. More information to follow but we can't wait to get going with this incredible opportunity to support both UK and International conservation work. Watch This space!

Latest News

Why Now?

We lost 11 football pitches every minute in 2022

Global Forest Watch

If this trend continues there will likely be no primary rainforest left by 2050. This will be mean our planet will lose a vital source of oxygen negatively affecting all species on earth.

Image by Tobias Tullius

Our Work

Applying advanced sensor technology, data fusion and military thinking to


  • Our projects integrate satellite and terrestrial sensor data with inputs from the forest ranger patrols and ground observations.

  • We support the forest rangers to adjust their strategies, operations and tactics as well as optimizing enhanced domain awareness.

  • We are able to integrate our forest ranger dashboard with a satellite informed GIS and deliver our training in multiple languages to protected area managers and non-governmental and government agencies.

  • We develop local strategic partnerships with organizations,who are innovating and taking action to secure forests.

  • Our important work continues, despite the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The nature of our "modus operandi", enables a working approach that allows us to continue to make a positive impact on the ground without the need for International travel.

Enhanced Domain Awareness

Data-Driven Enforcement

Supporting Communities

Forest Ranger Training

Holistic Forest Security

How Can You Help?


Support one of our projects, a group of forest defenders, or a community trying to help develop a forest-friendly local economy. Contribute to the purchase of new forest sensors and maybe even send us your old Android phone so that it can re-purposed as an Acoustic Sensor or Ranger Patrol Device.


Image by Kunal Shinde

Having worked with Chris Minty MBE and the Secure Forests team whilst on exercise in the jungles of Belize over many years, I know how dedicated they are to the conservation of tropical forests.


As a Special Forces soldier I have worked extensively in some of the most extreme environments in the world and I have come to appreciate how important tropical forests are to endangered wildlife.


The professionalism, dedication and passion that the Secure Forests team demonstrate is making a real difference to these important habitats and I fully endorse their work.


Billy Billingham MBE Former WO1 22 SAS

Get in touch

Please contact the team for further information on our work and how you can support with this global challenge!

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Get to know us

The founders of Secure Forests are former military personnel who served in jungle environments and were left with a passionate determination to protect them. Learn more about us at the link below.

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