Providing data driven enhancement, training and community support to empower local people to Secure Forests 


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Our Mission

Provide data driven enhancement, training and support to local people, regional agencies and international organisations in order to Secure Forests Now!

Why Now?

"We Lost a football pitch of primary Rainforest every 6 seconds in 2019".

World Resources Institute

"If this trend continues there will likely be no Primary Rainforest left by 2050. This will be mean our planet will lose vital source of oxygen effecting negatively effecting all species on earth."

Secure Forests.


Our Work

Our  projects integrate satellite and terrestrial sensor data with inputs from the Forest Ranger Patrols and ground observations.

 We support the Forest Rangers to adjust  their strategies, operations and tactics  and optimize,  enhanced domain awareness. We are able to integrate our Forest Ranger dashboard with a satellite informed GIS and deliver our training in multiple languages to protected area managers, non-governmental and government agencies. We develop local strategic partnerships with organizations, who are innovating and taking action to secure forests.


Our important work continues, despite the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The nature of our "modus operandi", enables a working approach that allows us to continue to make a positive impact on the ground without the need for International travel.


Donate Support one of our projects, a group of forest defenders, or a community trying to help develop a forest-friendly local economy. Contribute to the purchase of new forest sensors and maybe even send us your old Android phone so that it can re-purposed as an Acoustic Sensor or Ranger Patrol Device.

Volunteer In the future we plan to launch a crowd monitoring campaign called Forest Sentry that will allow online volunteers around the world to listen to acoustic data and respond to live sensor alerts from home.

We need experts in fundraising to help us continue our work and help our fundraising campaign plan.


Spread the Word Inform people in your own networks about our work here, at Secure Forests and encourage them to act.

All the Latest Updates

The latest team news and project updates from around the globe.

Get to Know Us

The founders of Secure Forests are former military personnel who served in jungle environments and were left with a passionate determination to protect them. Learn more about us at the link below.


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