Timber in Forest


Secure Forests designs and leads holistic forest security programs that combine data-driven enforcement with invested communities and action against the illegal trades...'




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Provide data driven enhancement, training and support to local people, regional agencies and international organisations in order to Secure Forests Now!


Reverse deforestation at the community level using:

  • Data-driven security

  • Sustainable economic development

  • Dismantling illegal forest and wildlife trades

We do this by Holistic Forest Protection (HFP)​, that  synchronizes multiple lines of action, combining and collaborating towards a common end state and reversing deforestation at the local, national and international level.

We are ex-military, police and conservation veterans who have combined expertise, in high level campaign planning, Force Protection, Law Enforcement and Conservation Science.


Our personal goals are to combine our security and scientific expertise, for positive and enduring use in the conservation and protection of our valuable global forest resources.


Secure Forests CIC Ltd are a non-profit organisation, who work with established partners, to help protect and restore forests. We do this by by enhancing and improving monitoring systems that safeguard Forest Rangers and enhance their capabilities, to make informed decisions. 

Our Principal partners and supporters are, please click to learn more: